Last thursday I have been a part of the Grand Store Opening Dinner in the popular Swarovski store in Zurich. The reason for the event was the reopening of the store after 6 weeks of renovations. Let me say it condensed: The new store concept and architecture are beyond amazing. I’m sure you can understand what I mean while looking through the few pictures I took to show you. But to be honest, it’s just impossible to catch this impressions in pictures. So those of you who are from Switzerland should definitely come to Zurich to take a look at the store. It’s a paradise for us woman who love glitter and glamour and all that kind of stuff. The sales room is dressed in white and at the ceiling is a huge installation made of 7000 sparkling Swarovski stones.

Have you already seen the video clip to Justin Timberlake’s song “Mirrors”? There’s a Swarovski ring shown for a long time and plays an important part. I have seen the ring in the store. But pssst. I’m gonna tell you a secret: I don’t like the ring. But I fell in love with lots of other pieces of jewellery especially the set (necklace & earrings) I have been wearing for the event. It matches my style in a perfect way with all the little sparkling stones and especially because it’s soooo wonderfully colorful.

The whole event was very well organised with just a hand of people invited, so the room was not as crowded as on other events it sometime is. During the flying dinner we could try a variety of little nibbles. It started with wraps, raw meat, etc as starter and went on with shrips in cocos sauce and other delicious little things as main course. The desserts were definitely my favorites because there were a variety of sweets made with mango which is by far my favorite fruit!

The dresscode for the event was: tropical cocktail night because of the new jewellery collection which is very tropical. So I was going for a floor-length dress with an incredible out-take at the back combined with a gorgeous necklace and matching earrings of the new Swarovski collection. At this line I want to send a big thanks to the lovely Mira and Swarovski for inviting me to this memorable event and for giving me the chance to wear this (I can’t say it enough) breathtaking jewellery set during the evening.

Dress: Conscious Collection Exclusive
Necklace: Swarovski
Earrings: Swarovski
Pumps: Zara

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  3. Gorgeous!<br />X Esther /

  4. OMG this dress looks BEAUTIFUL on you!!!<br />Emma xx<br />

  5. You looking absolutely stunning !<br />Seemed like you had a really lovely time <br />thanks for sharing<br />Livvyy x<br />

  6. wow you look absolutly amazing!!! ;-)

  7. That is a gorgeous gown! x Keke

  8. pretty necklace.. and the dress makes you look fab &lt;3<br /><br />visit mine whenever you had a chance :D<br /><br />warmest regards,<br /><b>Miss Aa</b><br />

  9. you look so beautiful dear!!! gorgeous :)<br />kisses<br /><br />