It’s that time of the week again – the two days we are waiting for during the rest of the week began. Reason enough to publish the second post of my new “TFF Insider” section that from now on is leading you through all the little adventures of The Fashion Fraction (TFF). Be it the presentation of a new collection (such as the Thomas Sabo presentation lately) or any other big and might even secret event taking place, from now on I will keep you up to date and provide you with exclusive insights into all those happenings. So stay tuned for lots of upcoming news landing into this new section.

Well, after the Thomas Sabo one this is the second “TFF Insider” article and it’s all about a super essential – probably even the most essential – accessory during the summer season: Sunglasses more precisely the new collection of sunglasses by the swiss brand VIU! Oh wait – stop – we are actually not talking about sunnies only here but also about their all-day-every-day-essential colleagues, the glasses.

I have always been glad about my keen eyes and for the fact not to be in need for glasses. But since two weeks ago when I paid a visit at the VIU Flagship store in order to watch the new collection and wore those round glasses (in the picture at the top) on my nose, I almost did not want to leave without them. I found they match my face extremely well and give me that more grown-up look that I am waiting for since ages (I feel like I stopped aging outwardly at when I turned 16 and obviously people around me feel the same regarding that I still have to prove I am not under age whenever I want to buy a wine or beer. Argh!). Is it dumb to consider purchasing glasses just as an accessory?

Since I became a huge fan of the brand VIU during my short visit, here we go with some more infos about their very practical and unique “4×4” concept. Instead of making the effort to go to one of the stores you can easily order 4 (sun)glasses to try them at home for 4 days. Not only is it a big advantage because you save the time you need to travel to the store but also you have four days time to show them all your family and friends, take their advice and at the end pick the most fitting option together. You receive your order in a resealable parcel that is even already pre-stamped what actually means nothing else than the return is completely free! The shipping is free as well and the prices of the sunnies and glasses are fair and affordable. As the ultimate online shopper, I definitely count myself to the VIU supporters from now on! If you need more infos about the brand or concept or just want to see some more of their designs: check their website here!

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  1. I love all these styles on you. Great blog post.

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  3. ur lookin great in all of those sunnies)))) xoxo

  4. you look amazing!

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  13. Cool pics!<br />Kisses<br />

  14. You&#39;re so beautiful!<br />XOXO<br /><br />

  15. Amazing outfit and how lovely sunglasses!! You look amazing as always :) Keep in touch :D<br />Maria xox<br />

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  17. I love the sunnies on 3rd picture! they suit you so well, and they look great with your earing! :)<br /><br />

  18. Love the 2nd, 3rd and the last one! Btw, I love your mustard colored skirt! :)

  19. Cool photos, love those eyewear models :)<br /><br /><br />

  20. All of these glasses looks stunning on you! You&#39;re so lucky that you can pull off so many shapes.<br /><br />xx Ella<br /><a href="; rel="nofollow">Ella Et Cetera</a>

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  29. I love your photos ! These sunglasses are very cute !!<br />Johanna<br />

  30. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory all year-round, especially during summer! Viu has a very great selection &lt;3<br /><br />

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  43. You look lovely with all the sun glasses… I can&#39;t choose!!<br />I like a lot the top of the dress and the skirt in yellow leather seems to be very beautiful!<br />xx<br />

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  45. you look so cool with corrective ones, love them!<br /><br />xoxo<br />Banu<br /><br />

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    • Looooove sunglasses so I loved this post. However, for me in Spain, sunglasses are not just a summer accessory but a whole year accessory.<br /><br /><br />Kisses from <b><a href="; rel="nofollow"></a></b><br /><br />