A warm welcome to everybody who reached the blog today. I am super happy and glad to be able to share another little adventure I was part of once last week with all of you, my dear readers. I bet all the girls right here know the jewelry brand I am going to talk about in this article! I don’t know about other countries but in Switzerland it is probably the most known affordable jewelry brand thanks to their iconic Charm Club collection. Yes, you are completely right, we are talking about nothing less than Thomas Sabo!

I remember when I was a few years younger than now, around my sweet 16, it was my ultimate dream to own one of these cute and individual little charm bracelets. You know, all of my friends had one and well, actually pretty much every single girl of my whole school had one too – but I did not. You can imagine my joy when it was christmas eve and my little brother put this beautifully wrapped present into my hands. I unpacked it carefully and what I found hiding inside was a silver bracelet with a sparkling “M” charm swinging on it. I finally entered the Charm Club! The coming days I spent browsing the web for new charms to add – I was deliriously happy and proud whenever I wore my new treasure on my wrist.

Expendable jewelry pieces are basically always a perfect gift as you can present a new pendant every birthday, xmas and on many other occasions while every single component of the whole bracelet will always recall the owner to a special moment. Be it the moment of the gift handover, a fun moment with the giver or a memorable moment in general.

So when I received the invitation of Thomas Sabo to be a guest at exclusive presentation of their new collections it was kind of a flashback to my teen years. I was super thrilled to have a closer look on all this beauty hitting the stores soon while some of them are already available. After watching through my photos taken during the presentation, make sure to check your closest Thomas Sabo store or the website to see all their new arrivals. I promise it is worth a view!


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