Yesterday I’ve been invented to the pre-sale of the designer collection from H&M, which was with Maison Martin Margiela this time.I’ve already noticed this shoes days or weeks ago and totally fell in love with their transparent wedge. But the price for them is just tooooo much especially for the quaility as I found yesterday when I had them in my hands to try them. The processing is very bad, even the glue was visible.  Well but it’s still better then the show which came out about 2 years ago or so. You surely remember the heels with the rhinestones around the top of the heel, which were affixed very badly and looked very cheap. In my opinion is, that considering how the quality of the pieces is, it’s not worth to pay such a huge amount of money, thought the clothes look very pretty and are very special. So I decided just to buy another pair of shoes, which were not part of the collection, so they were more affordable.

Of course I still have some nice words to say. The evening was really cool. It was great to meet up with   friends and other swiss bloggers which I’ve met at the fashion days last weekend. So I pretty much enjoyed the evening thought I get home with “only” one pair of shoes. There was than enough prosecco and little yummy appetizers such as white chocolate mousse and tuna which were served in little glasses confiture glasses. It looked very pretty. I will show you some photos which we took soon.<


  1. How is the sizing on the choies boots? im in between sizes, what did you order? i love them!

    • I&#39;m a size 37.5 and I have ordered a size 38 and it fits perfectly :)

  2. Can&#39;t you tell me where can i buy them ? <br />

  3. hauptsach du bisch uf de titelsiite! super! :-)

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    • is ja geil, danke fürs informieren :D

    • bitte gerngeschehn! ich würde vor stolz platzen :&#39;D hab recht dumm geschaut als ich dich erkannte, glückwunsch!

  4. Those heels are gorgeous! <br /><br />Hayley xx<br />